03 June 2012

Blender 3D Architecture, Buildings and Scenery - Chapter 8 of 14 Review

This chapter covers what textures are and their different types. Descriptions of both Procedural and Bitmap textures are covered, their differences and difference approaches to using them. Pointers of where to get different kinds of textures are detailed by pointing readers towards various websites, most of these are good sites but some are very out of date or very flaky.

A very detailed description of how to apply textures is given and various ways to apply multiple textures.

The various options on the textures panel are described though unfortunately, some options are not explained. For example the description of Normals and Normal maps is very sketchy and it would of helped to have a much better description and example of how to use them.

Uv Mapping is covered next in the book but unfortunately it has changed how it is used with Blender 2.46, so the screenshots do not match. Also some pictures are mismatched because of layout disorder because the pictures are switched. Seam marking is covered as well as unwrapping meshes, though one of the unwrapping script ArchiMap Uv Projection is mentioned and even has screenshots but no longer appear to be shipped with Blender 2.46.

Then it gets really strange when you find out that all the stuff on UV Mapping is the subject of chapter 9, so the stuff in this chapter appears to be mistakenly repeated.