03 June 2012

Blender 3D Architecture, Buildings and Scenery - Chapter 10 of 14 Review

This chapter covers the setup and use of various lighting tools within Blender.

Different lighting types and setups are explained as are the various settings of each light type.

One mistake appears to be on page 207 as the description of the distance parameter seems to be wrong, in that it works in the reverse of the way described. And dist appears to misunderstand in how the function works.

Colour settings and lights and their effects are covered as well as a description of Kelvin charts. This may not be everyone's most useful bit of information but you never know when that information will be useful.

Most of the lamp types are explained as is volumetric lighting, some of the features of lighting have changed between Blender 2.45 and 2.46.

Surprisingly the next Section on Soft Shadows covers 2.46 Blender specific features, this was a surprise to me, as up to this point everything else was 2.45 version specific. It does make me wonder why all the other stuff wasn't updated to Blender 2.46.

Various walk through experiments are gone through on a solarium with the different light types but unfortunately, the solarium model is not included in the PDF ebook version so i could not try them out.