03 June 2012

Blender 3D Architecture, Buildings and Scenery - Conclusions

Ok, so I finally worked my way through this book. I knew that I wanted to check this book out the second I heard about it, because Blender specific books are still very rare and books which cover architectural modelling are even rarer still.

In some areas this book is good, and covers certain topics in enough details to make it very useful. Unfortunately this does not work its way through to all areas of the book.

If your completely new to Blender than I would suggest that there are better books to buy than this one. Although if you into Architecture you are stuck between this book and "The Precision Modelling Guide" by Robert Andrew Burke. And to be honest in my opinion the Robert Andrew Burke book still does a better job on the precision side of modelling.

Don't get me wrong this is not an awful book, I feel it just misses opportunities to really excel in any particular area.

Some of the bright points for me in this book are its coverage of the Game Engine and the Radiosity and the Global Illumination descriptions and the Video Sequence Editor.

There are unfortunately many down sides, but the main one that continually got me was when the book started to describe something, but then not going into enough details on particular areas. Also the total lack of Building a complete set of models and buildings for an architectural book is almost unforgivable. On top of these points are the appalling layout and grammar problems within the book and the strange issue of entire sections being wrongly repeated in 2 different chapters, as well as the recurring issue with incorrectly displayed pictures; these issues really don't help it's case.

All this taken into account its merely an average book.

Review Score 60%